Sunday, December 4, 2011

Magazine Trees

I have been completely OBSESSED with these magazine trees. Chris kindly rolls his eyes after I whip up another one and show him with excitement what I've created!

It's a great way to get rid of all those Christmas catalogs that come this time of year and creates a really great decoration!

Step 1:Spend some time breaking in  the bind a bit, it will be easier to work with. Then fold the top right corner of the first page into the center. Give it a good crease.
 Step 2: Fold that triangle page in half again. Bringing the creased part to the binding. Crease it again.
 Step 4: Repeat these steps for the rest of the magazine. Keep creasing...
 ...and creasing..
 ...and creasing...
 ...and creasing...
 It will look like this.
 Step 5: Now we need to make a flat surface for the tree to stand on. Start from the back and fold the bottom flap up along the line and crease.
 Step 6: Tuck the little corner into the triangle.
 Repeat this through the rest of the tree.
 Open up the tree and fold it around itself in a cylinder shape.
 I spray-painted them in gold to match our silver & gold Christmas tree.

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