Saturday, August 27, 2011


This weekend my sweet momma and I went to D.C. for the Women of Faith conference. It was such a wonderfully inspiring event and has really begun to spark something in me that I haven't felt in a way. A creativity and motivation to dream bigger than myself and recognizing that the talents I may have only come from God. I was smacked in the face with the pleasant reality that anything good in me comes from the Lord.

While I have been so desprate for work and a purpose, I selfishly believed that God was saving me for something big and one day the world would know my name and sing my praises for what I could accomplish. I imagined I would give credit to His name, of course. But Satan continued to put me at the center of the vision rather than God being the center.

I want to serve the Lord wherever I am. And "go corporate for the kingdom", as I've mentioned before. But God showed me so graciously that without Him, I am nothing. Any ability I think I have comes from Him. This anal-retentive, do-it-all, organizational-freak, work-a-holic was created by the Heavenly Father and created to just love Him.

I am also reminded of this with the impending "Mean Irene" hurricane that is rapidly approaching.

If you don't know already, I really hate the rain. So a hurricane warning that will last a few days is like a death sentence for me, and there is nothing at all I can do about it.....BUT...

sit back

pray for the safety of those around me

relinquish control

grab a cup of coffee and a good book

and thank the good Lord that He loves me in spite of my selfishness and grouchy rainy day spirit.

Please enjoy the next few songs inspired by "Miss Mean Irene" herself.

(this last one sorta works if you replace "Jolene" with "Irene")

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  1. Haha! I was just thinking the other day that I hoped someone would do a cover of "Come on Eileen" as "Come on Irene." So glad you found one, even though it makes my ears bleed. Also, "Jolene" WORKS. Hope all is well post-hurricane!