Thursday, March 3, 2011

Daddy's Shrimp Pasta

My dad used to make this dish for my mom when they had just gotten married. It can be served hot or cold. (I prefer hot) It's an easy things to whip together and only has a few ingredients. I promise this is the easiest recipe EVER! You've gotta try it!
First start by sauteing (sp?) your favorite vegetables. My dad used blanched broccoli, C and I love asparagus so we added some to the mix. 
Remove the asparagus and/or broccoli and saute shrimp in a pan on both sides until they turn pink

 While the shrimp is cooking, boil some water for your favorite kind of pasta. I think linguine or spaghetti is best.
 When the pasta is done you add it all together....shrimp,
 ...pasta and broccoli/asparagus
Now add fresh tomatoes or if you're in a hurry you can add diced tomatoes from a can (shh..)
 Now the fun part! Add italian dressing and parmesean cheese on and off until you get the right flavor and consistency you like.

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  1. Okay this looks DELICIOUS & I'm going to make it tonight because I HAVE ALL THOSE INGREDIENTS! ahhhh i'll let you know how it goes :)