Monday, March 7, 2011


This book has been such a deep and unbelievable experience. I haven't written much about it because it takes something deep inside of me to really grasp what Ann is talking about and the wisdom in everyday thankfulness. It's hard for me to pick a favorite part but as I'm coming to an end in the book this section has fit my life exactly.
Is it only when our lives are emptied that we're surprised by how truly full our lives were?
Instead of filling with expectations, the joy-filled expect nothing - and are filled. This breath! This oak tree! This daisy! This work! These people! This place! This day! Surprise!

God has surprised me immensely the last two weeks and given me the privilege to substitute at a great school. The students, the teachers, the parents have all been such a blessing to me! I wish I could have taken pictures of these adorable 4th graders but really wanted to be asked to come back and thought that might be a bit questionable. Instead, during a free period, I snapped these shots with my phone of the beauty and little surprises of joy that are here. Surprise! God really is good! I am loved!
How totally fun is this!?!!?!?

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