Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bacon & Blue Cheese Stuffed Chicken

You have GOT to try this recipe! I made it last week and forgot to snap any pictures but it was delicious!!!

Just 5 Ingredients:
Blue Cheese
Bacon (we used turkey bacon)

Bacon and Blue Cheese Stuffed Chicken


  1. your blog makes me hungry every time I come. In a good way, of course!

    But really, delicious chicken on the screen when I had a pb&j for lunch-- I could use a puppy update to get my mind off of how uncultured my life is :D

    I have such a strange peace knowing you're back up in these I could just hop in a car and come on.

    Jill and I might be planning that already. you never know. Love you, girl. Happy monday! (and welcome back)

  2. Noelle! What a lovely picture!- Mrs. Nebbia