Friday, April 22, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Hard Love

Today I'm linking up with The Gypsy Mama for Five Minute Friday. Her challenge is to just write for 5 minutes without editing or backspacing. It's really fun to see what flows, naturally, organically and deeply. The topic this week is Hard Love. Ready, Set, Go......

Today I read the part of the crucifixion story when Jesus is before Pilot. Pilot really does not understand why Jesus is up for trial but he listens to the people. Traditionally, Pilot will release one prisoner as a gift during Passover. He wanted to release Jesus but the crowd shouted Barabbas, Barabbas!

This man was a murder, but the people wanted him to be freed in order to kill Jesus. Barabbas got off free. He knew he was worthy of death, he killed, stole, caused riots and was generally a destructive person. But Jesus simply stood there quietly, in pain, knowing that He was going to die so that Barabbas (a sinner) could live.

We, (I) are Barabbas. Filthy, dirty, destructive, sinners who deserve to die. But Jesus simply bows His head and in love, hard love, takes our place on death row. Taking on the sins of Barabbas (and the rest of the world) He dies. That's it end of story.

Barabbas lives, I can live, we can live because Jesus died! This finally makes sense in a real way to me. But Barabbas was simply freed to go back to his earthly family, we are free to live with God in heaven FOREVER! For all eternity, we can live and breath with God. Because of the excruciatingly hard love He showed for us on the cross! Simply AMAZING!

That was fun! Try it! Head over to Gypsy Mama and join the party, what a great way to end the week.

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  1. Thanks, Noelle! Definitely amazing and awe-inspiring. Happy Easter!