Monday, February 7, 2011

Coming Home

Here I sit at the gate getting ready to leave this beautiful home. The place that will forever be my home, no matter how old I am, where I am actually living or who I am living with. Annapolis is my home and the sweet people who fill the walls make it what it is to me. I have so enjoyed the chance to come home for a short time and give my parents a chance to experience a whole other world together. My sisters and I were able to grow so close this week and share in each others challenges and victories together, as one team!

I got to visit Dorian's school and see a small part of her world. Rejoyced with Natalie as she was selected to travel to England this summer to play lacrosse. And even got to visit with my brother Zak, over Skype that is. We cooked and danced and treated our faces to the most fun face mask treatment.

Then mom and dad came home and the celebrations continued. On Friday my mom celebrated the 30th anniversary of her cancer surgery. 30 years ago she was a vibrant senior in high school and her world, for the moment, was crashing down. But PRAISE THE LORD, she survived the surgery and is a living breath, WALKING miracle. A prosthetic knee that was supposed to last 3-4 years has survived 30 years of life! 

I'm not sure why it is so hard to leave this morning. Mom and I both said goodbye with smiles through our teary eyes. She tells me that our sadness is good because it means we have a close family, "Attachment Theory". I told her that while this may be true, the psychological explanation does not make it any easier. But at the end of the day, when it's time to dry the tears put on my big girl panties and start the next chapter of life I am not alone.

VERSE 03: "Do not be afraid" He said "Take courage for I am here" Matthew 11:

(this picture was taken a while ago, and is missing Zak)
I am surrounded by a loving God and a supportive family. No matter how hard it is to say goodbye every time I can take courage in knowing that I am not just leaving on my own. My God is coming with me and will be the connection that binds us wherever I am living.

Thank you God for the gift of family. Thank you mom and dad for letting your love for each other create a beautiful home.
(also an old photo, but a cute one nonetheless)

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