Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bubbling Over

Let me just paint the scene for you...

Chris and I have just come back from a morning work out. Cooked a delicious BBQ pizza lunch and now are sitting down at the kitchen table together for some afternoon work time. The sun is streaming through the windows so strong and sweet Harvey is snuggled up at my feet. The smell of sugar cookies fills the air (from a yankee candle) and I am just boiling over with joy.

A feeling of contentment and peace that has been absent from my heart for many months. I have tasted it in small pieces but the feeling here is lingering and I know that he Holy Spirit is near.

I have so many unanswered questions about what next in my life but feel so confident of God's provisions now more than I have ever before.

I know it's wrong to put such value on material possessions, but there is something about moving into this house that has changed so much for me. The walls are feel warm and the rooms feel welcoming and hopeful of new beginnings.

Praise the Lord for his faithfulness!

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