Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Purest White

Last night I spent some time scrubbing down my favorite white rocking chair on our back porch. The rocker was a gift from Chris for my 16th birthday. He surprised me by flying home from college with flowers in hand sitting in a sparkling white rocking chair I had been wishing for.

At our old apartment the winds would come rushing across the field and bring dirt all over our patio furniture. So it was about time to give the rocker a bit of a shine. After spending a good 30min out there scrubbing all the nooks and crannies I stepped back to survey my work and realized I had missed the entire back side.

There was a very visible line of dirt where my scrub brush had missed making it very obvious how dirty the poor chair had gotten. How could I have missed that part?

I am so greatful that when God cleanses us of our sin he doesn't just choose the places that are the most visible to the rest of the world. He goes deep into the heart and washes away every nook and crannie leaving only the purest of white.

What a joy to know that as dirty as we may feel on the inside, covered with soot the winds of our humanity carries, that he never misses a spot. Smiling as he wipes away every sign of damage.

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