Monday, November 21, 2011

a place to call home

Finally able to share some photos of our new place. My dad came down yesterday and totally helped us re-arrange and I love the new set up. He has such an eye for that kind of stuff.

Still struggling to unpack everything. It's hard to fully commit while in the back of my head I know we'll be packing it all up again. But I'm trying to live in the moment and I certainly feel more settled when things have a place.


Dining/Living Room
 Living Room (Rachael Ray on TV of course!)
A fun chalkboard and photo display in the cafe/kitchen
 One of my favorite rooms- the office

Master Bedroom 
We also have a guest bedroom but I got a little distracted with this.... :)


  1. Noelle! You house is so cute! Thank you for sharing! Love the pictures. And your pup!

  2. BAHHAHAH laughed out loud and made myself cough at the picture of Harvey. I cannot wait to see it for myself! Looks fabulous from the pictures!