Thursday, December 23, 2010

A quick pause

Well dear ones, I am going to sign off for a few days while we begin to pack up celebrate the holidays and head out to Texas! As of right now I am 95% finished with the packing (which is a BIG accomplishment for me) and am so looking forward to celebrating Christmas with my hubby.

Tomorrow we will head home to our families and then on Thursday begin the trek to Wichita Falls, Texas...LOOK OUT! Along the way we'll be stopping in Indiannapolis, IN; Fayetteville, AR; and potentially Nashville, TN. I will surely be posting and updating along the way.

Until then here are a few things to look forward to in the new year so stay tuned!
1. Teaming up with Beth Moore and the Siesta Scripture Memory Team for a year of 24 verses put to memory!
2. A "not-so-fearful" study on Fear
3. More pictures and some guest posts.

Merry Christmas friends, enjoy the time with your family and loved ones and check back this time next week.
-Much Love

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