Friday, January 21, 2011

Bugle Horn

Living on base has been such an interesting experience. On the one hand:
  • it's nice to have someone make the bed and bring you fresh towels every day
  • I love being able to walk to the gym and the grocery store
  • It's fun to play the "knocking game" with our neighbors
  • I can leave the lights on and run the water all day long and not worry about any bills!
But on the other hand there is one thing about living on base that it really strange to get used to and it sounds something like this...
This lovely alarm plays every morning at 6:00 am (600)! Then a different sound called "Retreat" plays at 4:30 (1630) to announce the end of the Duty Day. And finally at 10:00 pm (2200) "Taps" are played that means it's time for bed.

Most days I don't really mind the calls, and sometimes I don't even really hear them. But when I do notice it helps you remember what time of the day it is and makes you really feel like you are on a military base which is kind of fun sometimes. It reminds me what is really going on here, that men and women are really retreating or waking up to protect our country. How brave!

But today, when I heard the bugle play I couldn't help but wish that God would talk to me so consistently and loudly as the bugle does. To tell me with shouts to Wake Up "Look at what I have given you today and go forward with courage" (Isaiah 41:10) or Retreat, "stay where you are I am doing a good work in you and I'm not finished yet" (Jeremiah 29:11) or even to say "Now it's time to rest"(Matthew 11:28).

Oh wait...HE DOES! He does tell me loudly that He is still working on me, or that I should not fear, or that he will provide for me. But why then is it so difficult to recognize that as consistently as I hear the bugle play? Perhaps the truth is that he is playing and speaking to me that loudly but I am just not listening. I have loved starting school and am really getting connected with the prospect of becoming a teacher but in my excitement and work ethic I have forgotten to ask God for guidance. I have stopped listening and am missing his encouragement and guidance.

Thankfully I was reminded yesterday by a beautiful woman named Pam who may have found me teary-eyed in the sanctuary of the church. She came in looking fabulous in all her glorious Texas boots and jewelry and simply listened to me ramble on about the things that seem so meaningless now. But thankfully God planted her in my way to remind me that He is still here and has not left me. Praise God for Pam and for that oh so annoying bugle horn! 

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