Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mom's Minestrone

The recipe I am about to share with your should be cherished! This soup is so good and made famous by my Mom and Dad. The two of them have added things here and there to this recipe and it is one of my favorite things to come home to. It's so easy and only has 10 inexpensive ingredients. Last weekend I made it for the Smith Family who we were visiting in Fayetteville, AR. Now it's time to share it with you.

**You'll have to excuse our not-so-glamorous hotel kitchen**

Cut the skin off of 1lb. of sweet italian sausage and brown it about half way in a pan.

Chop 1 sweet onion and a few zucchinis and garlic( optional) saute in olive oil.

Add the italian sausage and brown with the onion and zucchini the rest of the way.

Add 1 can stewed tomatoes, 2 stalks of celery (chopped), and 1 box of chicken stock, and lots of fresh rosemary.

You may also add a 1/2 a box of cooked ditallini pasta or cubed potatoes.This time I tried something different and went with whole wheat elbow pasta. Turned out pretty great!

About 10 minutes before serving add 1 can of cannellini beans.

C helped by making some cornbread. 

And there you go the finished product! It was so great and lasted us a few days. The leftovers are even better than the first time you make it! Hope you enjoy, let me know if you try it out .

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  1. a. his chopped zucchini looks 20x better than mine
    b. LOVE this stuff and was really going to ask you for the recipe
    c. I didn't even get to have the leftovers at Mom and Dads before I left (hence the "b")
    d. how cute are you with your step by step pictures?