Tuesday, October 4, 2011

DAY 4: Kitchen Essentials

Trying to post a recipe a day but today's episode of The Rachael Ray Show had the best segment on Kitchen Essentials.

Having the proper tools in your toolbox are key to a successful meal. Here are Rachael's (and my) top 5 kitchen essentials!

1. A spoon rest. My sister made me one for my birthday this year and I love it! (N)

2. Garbage Bowl. A place to throw trash, scraps, and dirty utensils while you are cooking so you don't have to play ring around the kitchen while trying to prepare a meal. (R)

3. Sharp Knives. I cannot stress enough what a good knife can do to ease the prep process (N)

4. A large and clean workspace. (N)

5. Heavy duty cutting boards. If you don't have the counter space for a large cutting board, convert your sink into extra prep space by placing the board over top.(R)

Check out this clip from the show for more!

Hope I've been inspiring some future chef's out there, don't forget to post your own cooking experiments and use this button to join in the fun!
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